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Just as Americans have always tried to make sure that no domesticated pet is abused or uncared for, the Pets of Lincoln County decided that it was time to raise awareness to the plight of Children who are uncared for, undernourished and many times, dying of starvation.

Isn't an Innocent Child's life as important as an Animal?

In the United States, we do our best to rescue children and animals that have been abandoned, malnourished or mistreated. But, it's sad to say that many countries around the world don’t have the wonderful programs and charities that care for those that can’t care for themselves. Just as innocent animals need someone to care and reach out to them; no innocent child should be left to fend for themselves and slowly starve to death.


We save children through “FEED MY STARVING CHILDREN aka “FMSC”, one of the highest-rated Charities in the World. The FMSC Volunteers of Lincoln County have provided 653,178 meals, to date, to children that have been rescued from desperate circumstances around the world, including the United States. We have provided Disaster relief and food to children displaced by natural disasters, war, famine, and abject poverty.

Every penny that we raise will go to fund our 8th MobilePack which is scheduled to take place August 21st and 22nd 2020. Volunteers will then pack the nutritionally balanced meals that will save the lives of rescued children and help them to flourish.

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