FMSC - Feed My Starving Children

About FMSC

Founded in 1987, Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) is a Christian non-profit that provides nutritionally complete meals specifically formulated for malnourished children.


FMSC's mission 


Feeding God’s starving children hungry in body and spirit.


The approach


Our process is simple. Donations given by people just like you fund the meal ingredients. Volunteers hand-pack the meals. Meals are donated to FMSC food partners around the world, where kids are fed and lives are saved! 

Hope Starts with Food

Did you know that FMSC MannaPacks

are ranked by Charity Navigator as the #1 nutritionally balanced

disaster relief food prepared in the USA?

Food is the foundation

"Hunger is the world's biggest solvable problem." – World Food Programme. We believe that food is the foundation for all other progress. To a starving child, hope can only truly begin once a reliable source of nutritious food has been established. FMSC produces three special MannaPack™ meal formulas developed by food scientists to specifically stop malnutrition. You can't teach a child until you feed a child.

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Financial accountability

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