• Take a picture of your pet with or without a costume. Either is fine. Anyone in the USA is eligible to enter their pet in the contest.

  • Decide which event category you would like to enter your pet's photo in on the "Enter Your Pet" page.

    • Follow the instructions on that page and fill out the form. Make sure and download your pet's photo and click on the "Submit Entry Fee", which will take you to the Entry Fee Cart. There you will pay $10 to enter your pet's photo in the Contest in one category. You can enter your animal in as many categories as you want at $10 apiece. Remember that Your $10 is providing 40 lifesaving meals for impoverished children.

  • Your Pet’s Photo along with its Caption will be posted on the webpage in the Category you requested and will then be available for anyone to vote for the photo of your pet. Every vote you get will provide a meal for four children. The photo with the most votes will receive the “Peoples Choice Award”. The photo with the most votes in each category with at least 15 entries will win a special T-shirt with the prize-winning photo on it along with bragging rights until the next contest. Remember that you are helping to save a child's life with your generous giving.


Photos must be submitted by July 31st, 2020 giving plenty of time for others to vote for your photos. Final Judging in each category will be on August 10th, 2020 and posted on the Website by the next day. Winners will receive Special Event Winner T-Shirts and bragging rights until next year. The earlier you submit your photos; the longer your photo will be available to be voted upon. Please remember that children are counting on your generosity. Feel free to make a donation to support our efforts to fund the August 2020 Mobilepack. We must raise $26,100 to pay for the ingredients that go into the Manna Packs. Click here to learn more about what a MobilePack is.


TO VOTE on a photo: Just go to the "Vote For Your Favorite" Tab. Click on the picture you want to vote for. It will be added to your cart. Every vote costs $1, which will be donated to the Lincoln County FMSC MobilePack. Every dollar will feed 4 children a meal. Remember that whenever you submit or vote for your photos, you will be providing life-saving meals for rescued children. Please email all your friends and family and remind them to vote for your Pet's Photo. Also: post it on FACEBOOK to help us spread the word. Please LIKE our Facebook Page and subscribe to it to be kept informed about the contest and the upcoming Mobilepack.

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